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Intensive Care Unit

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    The Intensive Care Unit, founded in 1998, is an important department of the hospital, which features the trauma intensive treatment. The department has 8 physicians and 29 nurses, wherein 1 chief physician, 3 deputy chief physicians, 4 residents, and 1 nursing graduate student, and 5 undergraduate nursing students. The department is furnished with 24 beds, with a laminar flow ward, which consists of positive and negative pressure wards,and it has domestically and internationally advanced Philips central monitoring system and bedside monitor, Drager ventilator, PB840 ventilator, PICCO volume monitor, Bispectral index monitor, End tidal carbon dioxide monitor, Philips duplex wave automatic defibrillator, mobile monitor, blood gas analyzer, Philips ultra-sound monitoring equipment, mobile X-ray machine, Timesco laryngoscope, and other kinds of advanced life-support equipment. Our department boasts of solid technological strength, good team structure, and well-equipped facilities.
    The Intensive Care Unit is based on the comprehensive treatment of serious  multiple injuries as well as the monitoring and treatment of serious multiple organ dysfunction syndromes. The department is especially good at the treatment of critically ill patients’ sedation and analgesia as well as nutrition support treatment. We treat patients of perioperative with the heart disease, hypertension, diabetes with unstable vital signs, high cervical cord injury with respiratory failure, elderly critically ill trauma, and various types of shock, infection, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and multiple organ dysfunctions. In recent years, we treated about ten thousand in-patients, and rescued countless critically ill patients. Besides, we have summarized the treatment program of severe traumas, and our medical level is steadily increasing.
    The research projects of different levels undertaken by the department are as follows: Correlation Study of Arteries-Venous Blood Gas and Blood Lactate in Traumatic Hemorrhagic Shock; Procedural Analgesia, Sedation Strategy for the Treatment of Critical Trauma Patients; Study of Protecting the Function Ventilation of Traumatic ARDS Lung; Different Tidal Volume Mechanical Ventilation and PEEP Impact Study on High Cervical Cord Injury Patients; Investigation of Delirium In-patients after General Anesthesia; Clinical Studies of Intermittent Subglottic Attract after Tracheotomy for Prevention of VAP. The department has participated in the project of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital Project "ICU Medical Staff Mental Health Survey. More than thirty research papers of ours have been published in professional journals at the national level. 
    We always adhere to the spirit of our hospital: “Virtue, Persistence, Innovation and Harmony”.Under the leadership of several department directors of different generations and through 15 years of joint efforts of all the medical staff, and on the basis of accumulated strength of the hospital, our department has already become an  excellent team of outstanding medical level and strong scientific research abilities.      
    Our service tenet is: “Medical Ethics Oriented, Patients First; Striving for Excellence and Selfless Dedication”.  
Here we have the first class monitoring and treatment equipment; 
Here we have the most normative and comfortable emergency treatment environment;  
Here we have a very active team of medical staff. 
They are young, passionate and vigorous;     
They are always ready to fight with death endangering patients’ life;
They are taking care of the most critically ill patients with most complex diseases;     
They are guarding the patients’ life on the last line of defense, hoping to save the life of any patient who is at the edge of death.   
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