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         Xi'an Honghui Hospital (used to be the Xi’an Red Cross Hospital) was founded in 1911, is the earliest governmental hospital in Xi'an city. In 1980s, it is known as one of the three best national orthopaedic centers. With more than 100 years development, it formed a medical, teaching and scientific research combined, state-owned and non-profit three level of first-class comprehensive hospital with the Orthopaedics featured and variety of disciplines coexisted. It has become an affiliated hospital of both Xi'an Jiao Tong University and Xi'an Medical University, and a teaching hospital of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine successively.

    The hospital is located in Xi'an City, outside of the South Gate. With more than 100 years development, the hospital formed a three level of first-class comprehensive hospital with Orthopaedics as the key discipline. Meanwhile, it also values Internal Medicine, General Surgery, ENT, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Stomatology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Physiotherapy Paediatrics, Rehabilitation, et al. There are 1182 open beds, including 943 beds in Orthopaedics Department and the rest 239 beds in other departments. The outpatients from 13 provinces, cities or autonomous regions are over 412,000 per year, and the annual operation is about 30,000. Amongst total 1491 staffs in the hospital, 1289(87%) are medical staffs, 242 owe senior technical title which account for 18% of medical staffs. There are 166 staffs with master degree and 35 with doctor degree. Nearly 70 medical staffs have position in the province, city and national medical associations as committee chairman, vice chairman, executive director, director, committee member etc.

    With significant medical characteristics and the comprehensive strength of medical, teaching and research competitiveness, the hospital was identified as the Shaanxi Provincial Orthopaedics Hospital by Shaanxi Province Health Bureau. Now we have 11 orthopedic departments with 17wards. They are Spine Surgery Department (Spinal Deformity Surgery ward, Minimally invasive spinal surgery ward, Cervical spine surgery ward,Lumbar spine surgery ward); Joint Surgery Department(Joint surgery ward, Osteonecrosis and joint reconstruction surgery ward); Traumatic Orthopedic Department (ward 1, ward 2); Sports Injury Department; Bone Disease and tumor Department; Pediatric Orthopaedics Department; Foot and Ankle Surgery Department, Hand Surgery Department (ward 1, ward 2); Orthopaedics Department of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine; Orthopaedics Department of Chinese Medicine; Osteoporosis Department (Rheumatology of Outpatients). Meanwhile, the hospital has Xi’an Orthopaedics Research Institution, Xi’an Hands Surgery Research Center and Xi’an Imaging Diagnostic Center. What’s more, we have 25 other clinical departments and medical laboratories, and 20 administrative and logistics service departments. 

    In order to be a leading brand in orthopaedics, the hospital uses its advantages fully and researches medical technologies constantly to reach new peaks. From 1966 to 2013, Xi’an Honghui Hospital started the following surgeries in Northwestern of China firstly: the severed finger replantation, artificial femoral head replacement, artificial humeral head replacement, spinal spiral supporting device, thoracolumbar spinal extensive decompression, scoliosis correction surgery, cervical spinal stenosis trapdoor, anterior of vertebral steel plate internal fixation, artificial vertebra body replacement, artificial disc replacement, scoliosis with total spondylectomy, atlanto-axial vertebrial arch root fixation, knee arthroscopy, finger replantation after tear off, total ankle replacement, subtalar stabilization, metatarsophalangeal joint arthroplasty et al. And also is one of the Hospitals started these operations in China. The Sanhua Ointment and the Stretching Muscle and Invigorating Blood Powder, invented by the hospital, were used by Chinese women’s national volleyball team to protect them from the injuries during the competitions. 

    In recent years, the hospital received 32 ministerial, provincial and municipal rewards, including 2 colleges and universities of science and technology progress prize, 4 ministerial and provincial science and technology progress prizes, and 25 municipal science and technology progress prizes. And 59 national, provincial and city level projects are under research, among them, 8 items are national projects, 20 are provincial projects, and 31 are municipal projects, 11 projects have received the national patents. There are 37 publishing and translation works and more than 1,400 articles published, including 13 SCI papers. From 2011 to 2013, 7 projects won the National Nature Science Fund. We established a friendly and cooperative relationship with Israeli Seiler Forensic Science Center. Orthopaedic Department in our hospital was elected as Advance Specialize Department of Shaanxi Province. Orthopaedics Department of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine was awarded as the key discipline in Shaanxi TCM. Spine Surgery Department was awarded as the key discipline of Xi’an City, and the Joint Surgery Department and Traumatic Orthopaedic Department were awarded as the Advantage Specialized Department in Xi’an city, and our hospital was elected as the national comprehensive medical demonstration hospital. Chinese Medical Orthopedic Department was identified as the National 12th Five-year Key Specialty Construction Project. And national foot and ankle training center was founded in our hospital.

    While trying our best to do medical work inside, we also take our social responsibilities actively. We have participated rescue actions in Tangshan Earthquake, fighting against SARS, Wenchuan Earthquake and Yushu Earthquake. Where there is disaster, there are people from Honghui Hospital. That's why we are widely praised by all sectors of the society. Our hospital received many awards, such as “The National Labor Certificates”, “The Chinese Doctor Prize”, “The national earthquake relief rebuild worker pioneer”, “Shaanxi provincial model hospital”, “Earthquake relief in Shaanxi Province advanced unit”, “Bethune spirit awards in Shaanxi Province”, “Integrity unit of Shaanxi province”, “The best unit in province's health system ChuangJia review”, “Shaanxi provincial advanced collective”, “Xi 'an national unity progress advanced collective” etc.

    We all adhere to the hospital motto of keeping self-discipline, working perseveringly, being innovative and harmonious. We are aiming to be the No. 1 in the west China, national top and world famous hospital. Based on the China west trauma center, we forge ahead in unity, make innovations and try our best to move to the brilliant tomorrow.



Hospital training:Virtue Dusing Innovation Harmony
Hospital spirit:Life-saving Forge ahead in unity
Service concept: Everything for the patients
All services to patients
All the convenience of patients
Xi'an Red Cross Hospital is located in the city center, convenient transportation, potential patients to our hospital can take the 709, 618, 603, 501,239, 215, 46, 26, 18, 14, 12 road cars.
Address: Nanguo Road No.76 ,Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China
Postal Code: 710054
Hospital switchboard: 87,800,002
Outpatient appointment Phone: 62208502
Medical Advisory Service Tel: outpatient counseling (8:00-18:00) 18,802,940,114, total medical duty (18:00-8:00) 15129265553
Medical complaints Tel: (Office for Coordination of physician-patient relationship) (8:00-18:00) 18802940683
Medical Sales & Service Tel: 18802940660 (24 hours)

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