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Introduction of Foot and Ankle Surgery Department

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    The foot and ankle surgery department of Xi’an Honghui Hospital is the first specialized department devoted in treatment of foot and ankle diseases, as well as lower extremity trauma in the West of China. There are totally 60 open beds and high quality services provided by the department with the most advanced technology and equipments. The quantity and quality of open beds number and staff of the department are among the best of China.
    There are 21 orthopedists, including 2 chief physicians and 8 associate chief physicians, 2 with PhDs and 11 with master degrees, and 26 nurses. The annual amount of outpatients, which is among the top in the hospital, are about 28,000 per year. The total admitted patients and operations are about 2,000 and 2,200 per year respectively. In Northwest China, the department takes the lead in total ankle replacement, metatarsophalangeal joint arthroplasty, customized hallux valgus treatment, minimally invasive treatment of many sorts of foot and ankle trauma, individualized correction of severe foot deformities, which have achieved mediate to long term satisfactory results. It takes the lead in the treatment of flexible flat foot with HyProCure stabilization implant and the treatment of foot and ankle chronic pain with radius shock wave therapy (RSWT) which also achieved satisfactory results. Its high standard and proficiency has reached the advanced level of this field in China. The department director Liang Xiaojun is the committee member of Foot and Ankle Surgery Group of Chinese Orthopaedic Association and the chairman of Foot and Ankle Surgery Group of Shaanxi Orthopaedic Association. The department was conferred the “National Training Center of Foot and Ankle Surgeons” by Foot and Ankle Surgery Group of Chinese Orthopaedic Association in April 2012.
    Laying emphasis on clinical and basic research and innovation, the surgeons of the department often visit both domestic and aboard advanced regions to communicate, research and study. At present, the department undertakes a number of provincial and municipal research projects, and already published over 30 original papers in national journals, and over 50 oral speeches in national professional conferences.
    Implementing the duty of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying, and the idea of patient centered and improving medical quality, we will serve the patients wholeheartedly. Every patient will be favorably received in the foot and ankle surgery department of  Xi’an Honghui Hospital.

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